Just as everyone is different, expectations for bathrooms are different. Some prefer modern minimalism, others classic elegance.

The 800 m² Noto PRO finishing salon with a new concept was opened in 2019 in the courtyard of Järve Center in Tallinn. in November. This is where even the most special and complex taste preferences find a solution.

We promise that we will not compromise at the expense of quality and you will find a wide range of products in our selection:

  • ceramic tiles – be it natural stone, marble or terrazzo imitation. In addition, large Slabs, with the largest selection in the Baltics. The range is available from more than 40 different factories.
  • sanitary ware from manufacturers such as Fima Carlo Frattini, Paini, Antonio Lupi, Gessi, Noken and Hansgrohe
  • sanitary ware from recognized manufacturers such as Catalano and RAK
  • bathroom furniture from Antonio Lupi, a top Italian design manufacturer, as well as RAK, a company that offers very good quality in a cheaper price range.Noto PRO also lacks the good old but the new six – OUTLET. A large selection of ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics and equipment of very good price and quality awaits you. Most importantly – all OUTLET products are immediately available in stock. So no long delivery times!

We promise that in cooperation with our specialists we will develop material combinations and functional end solutions that are just right for you. We know that a high-quality solution can also be achieved at an affordable price.

Come and discover the secrets of the bathroom with us. Get inspired and fulfill your dreams!

Noto PRO